Fund with 8 to 20% p.a. Returns | $32M Distributions Paid To Investors

“As an industry-recognised investor advocate for over 20 years, I’ve been pro-actively working with investors to turn their income, at any level, into wealth through a range of innovative investment pathways. In such a rapidly changing global economy, now more than ever, investors need options to maximise their wealth without being subjected to high fees, inconsistent performance, and below-market returns.  

I’ve solved this problem for investors by providing exclusive access to short and medium-term investment options featuring above market, undiluted returns, and access to ongoing cashflow–all within a regulated environment.

With distributions in excess of $32 million paid to investors since commencing these offers in 2018, our numbers speak for themselves.”

Paul Wilson, Director, Income2Wealth

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Income2Wealth provides investors with superior returns of 8 to 20% p.a. on their invested capital through exclusive access to key Managed Fund investments with the choice of unlisted public and private investment opportunities, or sharing in the profit manufactured through property development.


Income2Wealth is keenly aware that low returns, high fees, and lack of diversification are off-putting for investors, so its investment offers are structured to feature superior net returns which aren’t eroded by fees.

The Managed Fund features a variety of offers within a regulated environment, low investment minimums, varied term lengths, and superior rates. Investors also enjoy the benefits of receiving regular passive income paid into their bank accounts monthly.


  • Income2Wealth has been offering managed fund investments since 2018.

  • In the last 12 months alone, the combined distributions of its Managed Funds have seen investors receive over $19M in passive income with a massive $32M in distributions paid since 2018.

  • Funds currently under management have tipped the scales in excess of $110M.

  • Investors have received 100% capital return for their completed investment terms totalling $35M.


Our investment team has a combined industry experience of over 50 years.

These offers are made under an Accredited Australian Financial Services Licence by a specialised funds management and corporate advisory firm committed to delivering successful outcomes to its investors. Their strategy is to seek opportunities in a range of diverse property and business-related investment transactions where investors are seeking risk mitigated capital appreciation and/or income streams.

This is all underpinned by a wealth of industry experience in investment management, funds management, investment banking, corporate strategy, capital raising,mergers and acquisitions, and extensive experience in opportunity assessment, funding, and deal structuring.


The Managed Fund offers low investment minimums, varied term lengths, and superior rates.

Minimum investment of $30,000:

  • 15% per annum for 3 years
  • 20% per annum for 18 to 21 months

Minimum investment of $5,000:

  • 8% per annum for 1 year
  • 12% per annum for 2 years
  • 14% per annum for 4 years

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