Future of Infant Formula Maturing to IPO

Future of Infant Formula

Aus Camel Dairies Pty Ltd (ACD), trading as Good Earth Dairy, is an Agritech company proudly announcing to be working with Ventnor Capital and Squire Patton Bogg towards listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in Q1 2021.

The company has developed unique capabilities to utilise the 500,000 to over a million camels in the Australian outback to produce camel milk products ranging from beverage to infant formula at a significantly lower cost of production and an ability to scale-up very efficiently.

ACD is looking to build their niche design modular camel dairy to house 1680 milking camels which will produce over 3 million litres annualised with a revenue potential of AUD$30-60 million. With their agritech, they aim to scale up to such volumes within 7 months post-construction of the new dairy.

The company is seeking to raise AUD $0.85m at pre-IPO level at 14 cents and intends to raise another AUD $5 million during the prospectus stage at an IPO price of 20 cents.

Market Opportunity

ACD is looking to significantly increase its market capitalisation over the next 3 years as it expands the current business of camel milk to include additional products such as beverages and infant formula.

The properties of camel milk when turned to powder form, make camel milk powder a sought-after ingredient for producing premium infant formula. This opportunity is not niche to certain cultures, as the camel milk properties appeal to a large demographic globally.


ACD has an experienced team that consists of four Board members: Marcel Steingiesser, Max Tarling, Stephen Geppert and Noel Ashcroft.

It has four very capable technical advisors assisting with the development of key Intellectual Property. Their areas of expertise involve agriculture, pharmaceutical clinical trials, product development and animal genetics.

Together the team has raised over AUD $3 million through their private clientele during the first and second seed rounds.

Competitive Advantage

Over the last five years, ACD has spent over AUD $4 million developing a unique process including key intellectual property along the entire value chain of the camel industry. These capabilities have created price point barriers of entry and will allow ACD to grow in scale with minimum capital and minimum time.

The Company’s intention is to not only have the infant formula sold globally but to produce the camel milk powder for the other infant formula brands in high quality high volumes at comparatively low prices.

Position in Marketplace

For astute and early stage investors that want to benefit from early ROI, ACD provides a unique pre-IPO investment opportunity to buy shares in a future public company that deals in what will be premium infant formula.

Future Deliverables

  • Construct its niche design dairy designed for milking 1680 camels that can produce 3 million litres of camel milk per annum.
  • Complete construction of a processing plant to make milk powder.
  • Launch our beverage and powder products to a global market.

Exit Strategy

The Company is seeking to list on the ASX providing an exit strategy for early stage investors. Early stage investors will receive ASX imposed escrow likely to be 12 months from the date of issue of shares in the Company.

Investment Offering

The company is currently raising AUD $0.85m at pre-IPO level at 14 cents and intends to raise another AUD $5 million during the prospectus stage at an IPO price of 20 cents.

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Good Earth Dairy

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About Good Earth Dairy

Good Earth Dairy is Australia’s leading camel milk commodity producer with unique IP to commoditise this expensive food which will obtain the premium positioning in the infant formula and dairy global markets. With a substantial camel herd situated on 800 hectares, Good Earth Dairy has spent over $4.5m in 4 years developing its technology to enable to bring prices below $3.5/L (pre-yield improvements). The milk is currently sold at an average $18/L throughout Australia with 300g tins of powder selling for over AUD$100 in China. The IP created ranges across the entire value chain from capture selection to product development. The IP also includes the capability to rapidly and efficiently scale to more than 3 million litres per annum per designed module. As camel milk does not contain the key dairy allergen unlike any other animal milk, has a lower casein count to cow & goat milk as well as having the smallest fat cells; it creates a premium infant formula product that will gain significant market penetration in the $56 Billion global market. Currently all produced milk from the pilot plant is selling out via stockists throughout Perth (WA, Australia) without any marketing. This venture is being led by a highly experienced team with a proven high-performance record across the key capabilities required to succeed (e.g. ex – director of successful milk and ice – cream company with global exposure).

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