GAED shortlisted as finalist in one of world’s largest Energy competition, confident in its fundraising campaign in Malaysia

Two months back, GAEDKeeper, our energy intelligence platform was shortlisted as one of the finalists to attain the Energy Start-Up Hub Dubai Award. With over 60 companies vying for the same award, GAED has made a breakthrough by being one of the finalists for a competition occurring at the global arena. With exhibitors and attendees coming from all around the world, the Middle East Energy is a renowned international event which binds energy manufacturers and suppliers to showcase innovative solutions in the energy value chain. GAED is humbled to be part of the finalists whose pitch will be live streamed during the Middle East Energy Show. Besides this, GAED is also bound to compete in another competition called the Abu-Dhabi Singapore Smart Cities Challenge.

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To expand on its business growth, GAED has been actively leveraging on such competitions as well as seeking out for opportunities for partnerships. GAED has recently issued a license to G-Environment Energy Solutions (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd so that they can raise funds for the Malaysia market. With multiple incoming projects in the pipeline, such as a collaboration with an oil and gas as company well as a water resource company, GENES is confident in generating regular income for the next 20 years. Apart from its projects, the GENES team has also been working hard in its on-going fundraising campaign. With just a month into the campaign, GENES has successfully surpassed the 100% mark for the amount pledged, an outstanding milestone! After multiple pitches and webinars to a network of investors, the response has been highly promising with a total of RM 682,412.37 raised. Furthermore, the pledged amount has cumulated to an astounding 114.33%. With only 49 days left to the end of the campaign, be sure to head down to our fundraising website ( to be part of our climate care journey. To qualify for our bonus share offer, do take note of its period as Tier 1 Bonus Share ends on 17 July and Tier 2 Bonus Share ends on 3 September.

Details on the progress of GENES fundraising campaign as of 14 July 2021

Details on the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Bonus Share Offers

About GAED

An energy intelligence advisory platform that assess and recommends commercial and industrial building owners to a fully financed renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to help them reduce their monthly utility cost and carbon emission.

A PaaS energy assessment and advisory platform using AI solutions based and Blockchain Technology that provides accurate, unbiased analysis based on the data inputs by clients, thus making Data Collection Auditable and Transparent. Providing an application framework for renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions w financial support in both commercial and industrial buildings.

An eco-system where clients owning or operating hotel chains, hospitals, airports, manufacturing plant etc be recommended a myriad of solutions through GAED platform.

Solution partners will be part of the eco-system to povide their solutions to the clients with a total savings going as high as 30% to 40%.

GAED’s revenue will be via the savings generated by the clients and tie to a contract between 5 to 20years. This will gave a regular monthly income for GAED apart from revenue obtained from subsriptions, licensing and project admin cost.

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