Global concerns impacting the Australian market and a mixed month for TAIM Funds

Global growth fears began to take hold during May, fuelled by escalating trade tensions between China and the US. Wall Street had its worst May since 2010, with all major indices declining by greater than -6.5%. Thanks mainly to a post-election relief rally in the financial sector, the Australian share market fared better with the ASX200 managing a gain of +1.1% for the month.

Both TAIM Funds took their first step backwards for the year, with our leading Momentum Fund retreating by a modest -0.2% during the month.

Our Leveraged Fund came off its record highs this month after its extraordinary start to the calendar year. The Fund is still maintaining an outperformance of +15% in the 20 months since inception.

After a great start to the year on global share markets, investors now seem to be weighing up where to next. Growth and trade will remain critical issues, with pressure rising on interest rates in many major economies.


About TAIM Investments

TAIM Investments operates two Australian equities investment funds. Both have exhibited exceptional performance, during an initial 4-year small-scale-offering period, and now under the company’s own AFSL. Both funds have an Australian blue chip focus – portfolio of 20 ASX200 equities, long only, no short-selling or derivatives – and we use an automated quantitative approach to deliver superior performance.

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