Globally patented technology by MOTUM Simulation works with leading brands Red Bull, Carsales, Crown, Woolworths and Mobil1

Executive Summary

Simulation platforms are used for the training and skills development of drivers and pilots in safe and controlled “simulated” environments, without putting at risk lives and millions of dollars of equipment. Simulators are vital to refine the skills and situation reflex responses of pilots, truck drivers, defence personnel, emergency vehicle drivers and professional racing drivers by enabling critical events to be emulated and tested continuously in real world environments.

MOTUM Simulation is a Melbourne-based hardware and software company that has designed, developed and commercialised the world’s most cost-effective motion simulation platform. The patented motion base enables the system to provide simulation of land, sea and air vehicles with a very high degree of fidelity that to date has been only available on simulation platforms that cost at least 5 times more than the price offered by MOTUM.

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Investment Highlights

  • MOTUM has secured patents globally including the USA, UK, Europe and China, with 3 further regions pending. 

  • They have achieved global sales including the Australian Defence Force for the Bushmaster training, and are about to exceed the FY2020/21 budget.

  • The new SaaS platform delivers a monthly recurring revenue for their most advanced driver education, aviation and entertainment products including direct kiosk payments and corporate rentals.

  • Motum has delivered simulation solutions across Australia, UK, US, New Zealand, and the Middle East; and works with leading brands such as Red Bull, Carsales, Crown, Woolworths and Mobil1 to deliver brand activations, including at the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

  • The MOTUM capabilities meet or exceed that of the $2M systems of our competitors, except we deliver for around $80K plus monthly software subscription fees – giving them a deep technological defence against the competition. 

  • With the pipeline of continued innovation MOTUM will achieve exceptional growth with new partnerships, distribution arrangements and new markets already in play.

Investment Offering

MOTUM is seeking to raise AUS$5M representing approximately 22.7% equity. Funds will be used to expand market sectors, expand product range and grow sales globally.

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