Guarda conducts impressive product demonstrations in the UK


  • The first production run of Guarda’s two new products are mainly pre-sold and have arrived in Australia for final quality control checks before distribution.
  • Guarda’s Head of R&D conducts product demonstrations in the UK for a key Distributor and several industry influencers.

First Production Run of New Product Arrive in Australia

Guarda’s first batch of the Edge Powercutter’s arrived in Perth this week, from its manufacturing facility in China.  The first run of the new Vacuum-Generators will arrive early September. The Perth based R&D team will now make final quality checks to the products before the stock is sent to Distributors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New Zealand & the UK.  These Distributors are eagerly awaiting the arrival of these new products, as they have customers who are in need of, and ready to purchase.

As these first productions runs have mainly pre-sold, the company now has the challenge of being able to satisfy ongoing demand with limited working capital to place continuous orders of new stock. “Lack of working capital is our key challenge – it’s a good problem to have, but an ongoing challenge”, Craig Penty (MD).

UK Product Demonstrations Receive Overwhelming Response

Steve Terpstra, the company’s Founder and Head of R&D, spent this week in the UK conducting live demonstrations of the Edge powercutter.  Several events were held in and around the south of England for audiences which comprised of a key Distributor, HSE Advisors and representatives of large UK construction firms and tool hire companies.

The Edge Powercutter was demonstrated in a number of cutting applications.  The response and feedback from both the Distributor and potential Customers alike has been overwhelmingly positive including comments such as “these products are a game-changer”.  Everyone has been highly impressed by the technology and its ability to control silica dust, slurry and fumes simultaneously.

This excellent response serves to reinforce Guarda’s focus on changing the way masonry cutting is performed the world over.  And more importantly, to provide a technology that will save lives through silica dust control and the prevention of silicosis and lung cancer in the workplace.

Investment Opportunity

  • Raising up to AUD$1M for 21% equity stake
  • Minimum investment – $25k
  • Used to fund sales & marketing, product development, distribution & working capital for production
  • Opportunity to invest in award-winning, innovative Australian company with a vision to protect workers globally from silicosis


About Guarda Systems

Guarda Systems is a Perth based company that designs, develops and manufactures equipment for masonry cutting in the construction industry.  They have invented a range of equipment that uses patented, revolutionary technology to protect the health of workers.  This technology (Tri-Vac ™) reduces the level of silica dust and slurry material that workers are exposed to well below industry limits and removes Carbon Monoxide (CO) completely from the work area. Global manufacturers have not been able to replicate this.

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