Key Highlights

  • Guarda Systems continues with successful international product demonstrations in New Zealand
  • Queensland Work Cover Awards recognises The Guarda Edge Powercutter
  • Media coverage begins to tell the positive story of Guarda Systems technology

Successful Product Demonstrations Completed in NZ 

Steve Terpstra and Craig Penty spent late October in New Zealand conducting live demonstrations of Guarda System’s new products.  Several events were held in Wellington for their main Distributor and several of his key customers.

The Edge Powercutter Saw and the Vac-Generator were shown working both independently, and together, as an integrated dust, fume & slurry control system. The response has been overwhelmingly positive including comments such as “these products are a game-changer”.  Everyone has been highly impressed by the technology and its ability to control dust, slurry and fumes simultaneously.

This excellent response serves to reinforce Guarda’s focus on changing the way masonry cutting is performed the world-over. And more importantly, to provide a technology that will help to save lives through silica dust control and prevention of lung cancer in the workplace.

Guarda Systems Attends Work Cover Queensland Awards Ceremony

Guarda Systems was proud to attend the Work Cover Queensland “Safe Work and Return to Work Awards 2019” Ceremony in Brisbane on 9th October 2019.  This was in recognition of our work achieved around The Guarda Edge Powercutter.

As a Finalist in the category of  “Best Solution to an Identified Work Health and Safety Issue”, the Founder and Head of R&D (Steve Terpstra), was honoured to be recognized in a year that showed an exceptional level of innovation by businesses and individuals from around the nation.

“It’s fantastic that our work is being acknowledged by industry bodies around Australia and affirms our leadership and commitment to health and safety in the workplace,” said Steve.


Media Coverage for Guarda Systems

Guarda Systems received excellent media coverage this quarter in several online business portals including and Australian News Daily

Guarda Systems received excellent media coverage this quarter in several online business portals including and Australian News Daily

The articles feature the story of Guarda’s technology as one that can contribute to solving silicosis disease in the workplace.

“We’re very excited that our business is being featured in the media and that our technology is positioned is such a positive and innovative light”  said Craig Penty (MD, Guarda Systems).

More media coverage is expected to continue in coming months across other industry publications and possibly broadcast channels.


About Guarda Systems

Guarda Systems is a Perth based company that designs, develops and manufactures equipment for masonry cutting in the construction industry.  They have invented a range of equipment that uses patented, revolutionary technology to protect the health of workers. This technology (Tri-Vac ™) reduces the level of silica dust and slurry material that workers are exposed to well below industry limits and removes Carbon Monoxide (CO) completely from the work area. Global manufacturers have not been able to replicate this.

Investment Opportunity

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  • Minimum investment – $25k
  • Used to fund sales & marketing, product development, distribution & working capital for production
  • Opportunity to invest in award-winning, an innovative Australian company with a vision to protect workers globally from silicosis

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