Demand for Guarda products results in sold-out stock

Key Highlights:

  • Guarda Group prepares for the launch of two new products in September as Distributors worldwide await in readiness
  • The Federal government confirms that the National Dust Disease Taskforce will begin work this month

Finalising Production of the Edge Powercutter

Early production runs at manufacturing plant in China have resulted in existing product lines (FTR095 Saw & Fume Tube) being sold out and new products (Edge Saw & Vac-Generator) being almost completely pre-sold.

The company’s Head of R&D (Steve Terpstra) is “…very pleased with the work being completed in our manufacturing plant and even more excited about the level of demand that is being shown by pre-orders from around the world.”

National Dust Disease Taskforce

Guarda Group is also pleased to see the federal government announce that work will begin in August for a national taskforce to address the issue of silicosis in the workplace.  Click on image below for details:

As Guarda’s patented technology serves to prevent silicosis, the launch of its new products is perfectly timed to support the work of this taskforce.

About Guarda Group Holdings Pty Ltd

Guarda Systems is a Perth based company that designs, develops and manufactures equipment for cutting concrete, brick and stone in the construction industry.  They have invented a range of equipment that uses patented, revolutionary technology to protect the health of workers.  This technology (Tri-Vac ™) reduces the level of silica dust and slurry material that workers are exposed to well below industry limits and removes Carbon Monoxide (CO) completely from the work area. Global manufacturers have not been able to replicate this.

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