Guarda Group Holdings unveils its new company website showcasing its world-first technology


  • Guarda Group Holdings unveils its new company website sharing its business vision alongside its world-first technology
  • This is in readiness to support the global launch of two new products currently being produced in China
  • It also builds on the Group’s year on year projected revenue growth of 50%
  • In parallel, the nationwide epidemic of silicosis disease continues to rise with increased media attention and the establishment of a federal taskforce to address the issue – all pointing toward an urgent need for the Guarda solution

Guarda Group Website
Our Vision:

“A world where every worker who cuts concrete, stone or brick can do so without fear of dying from lung disease.”

A clean, new-look website has been developed to clearly articulate the company’s reason for being and visually explain how Guarda’s patented technology is being applied in its product range. An excellent piece of communication to direct potential Investors, Distributors and Customers alike.


New Product Launch
The company is in the final stages of planning for production at its manufacturing facility in China. The two new products are on track for launch scheduled week of 1st July 2019 with pre-orders already confirmed by Distributors in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Revenue Growth
Guarda Group’s domestic wall-chasing business (Enviro Chasing Services Pty Ltd) has been successful in riding out the lacklustre economy that has stubbornly prevailed in WA over recent years. Consistent lobbying of local government bodies to raise awareness of the silicosis risk along with delivering safe, high quality chasing services to local customers, has resulted in a positive improvement in sales from $800,000 in 2017-18 to a projected $1.2M for full year 2018-19.

This provides a solid foundation for the business to build on for growth, as it prepares for the sale of its patented products and equipment in targeted markets.

Silicosis Disease
While the future is looking positive for Guarda Group, this is not the case for more and more workers that are being diagnosed with the deadly lung disease- silicosis. Across the country there has been a disturbing rise in the number of tradespeople being afflicted by silicosis with tragic cases in very young men being reported. The media has given the problem increased attention with stories being reported almost weekly and the government has made the decision to form a Federal Taskforce later this year to address the issue.


This backdrop provides the context for Guarda Group’s technology as being the solution that is not only timely, but necessary, to keep workers safe and healthy. Guarda Group also has plans to position itself as an industry expert on the topic and the company with unique practical knowledge about prevention of silicosis in the workplace.


About Guarda Group Holdings Pty Ltd

Guarda Group Holdings is the holding company of several subsidiary companies that develop, manufacture and sell concrete cutting saws and related equipment. The Company also offers safer wall chasing services to domestic builders via the Enviro Chasing brand. Guarda products mitigate deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Crystalline Silica Dust that saw operators are exposed to. Guarda products and services are covered by extensive patents and are highly sought after in both domestic and international markets.

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