Guarda Group reaches capital raising milestone of $500K


  • Guarda Group Holdings has successfully raised $500,000 of its target $1M in funding
  • Achieving this half-way milestone will assist with the global launch of two new products planned for May-June 2019
  • The balance of funds is now being raised at $0.05 per share and expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Guarda Group Holdings has successfully raised $500k in funds from new and existing investors across Australia and China.  This capital will support the manufacture and international distribution of two new products. These innovative new products will add to the 2 existing products in the portfolio, The Guarda Fume Tube & Guarda FTR095 Powercutter.








Guarda Vacuum Generator: A one of a kind product that replaces a petrol generator, vacuum and water pump all in one lightweight, convenient unit. Can be used for fume, dust and slurry extraction and ideal for use in locations with no electrical power or pressurised water supply.

Guarda Powercutter







Guarda Edge Powercutter: Revolutionary concrete saw that removes all CO fumes and virtually all silica dust & slurry during cutting. World-beating silica dust control helps to protect workers from deadly silicosis which kills and debilitates thousands of people annually.

To satisfy demand from Australia, New Zealand and the US market, working capital has been directed to the manufacturing facility in China.  New Distributors are also being sourced for these markets and the UK

Guarda Group











About Guarda Group Holdings Pty Ltd

Guarda Group Holdings is the holding company of several subsidiary companies that develop, manufacture and sell concrete cutting saws and related equipment. The Company also offers safer wall chasing services to domestic builders via the Enviro Chasing brand. Guarda products mitigate deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Crystalline Silica Dust that saw operators are exposed to. Guarda products and services are covered by extensive patents and are highly sought after in both domestic and international markets.

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