Haatch Ventures exclusive early-stage tech fund now open!

Haatch Ventures and their mega-team of multi-exit founders behind the early-stage digital-disruptor investment fund is now raising the 3rd fund of £1.5m+

Launch of their latest fund follows their first two funds, both of which were oversubscribed.

The fund looks for early stage opportunity, but equally, it looks for ideas and founding teams that have the vision and ambitions to deliver that future.

Over the past 6 years under the Haatch Angel brand and the last 18 months under the fund Haatch Ventures, they have been investing in some of the most disruptive global digital companies.

Read below their up to date achievements that they had a chance to present at the recent Wholesale Investor Emergence 2019 event in London by Haatch founder Scott Weavers-Wright

View Emergence presentation here


About Haatch Ventures

EIS fund, Haatch Ventures, enables investors to benefit from our knowledge & experience of investing in disruptive UK technology.

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