Have you heard about Cashero?

Cashero is the all-in-one mobile platform for multi-currency high-yield savings, currency exchange and instant cross-border payments.

We are your money’s superhero. A platform with No hidden fees, No minimum balance, and No stress.

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Project Summary

Cashero is a project that started back in 2018 and was internally funded from inception to February 2021.

The project has now moved into final stages pre-launch, with the security audit by Trail of Bits now complete.

The application will be available and live for public use in 120+ countries from Fall 2021 where users will be able to download and use the app, benefiting from all its features.

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Reason for Equity Sale

Cashero can push to launch without any external funding, however the marketing model has changed to now include the US and more established economies.

App refinement will continue and additional funding will allow Cashero to engage with users in underserved and unbanked areas (Global unbanked population 1.7bn) and expand into more countries within a shorter time frame.

With funding pushing expansion, business growth will come from the increased Userbase and Assets Under Management (AUM). The greater the user base and AUM the greater the interest generated and value of Cashero as a business.

The funding round ends on 30th September 2021 so interested investors must register their interest before this date.

Business Goals

Target Paid user base: 3 – 16m users by December 2024

Target AUM: £5bn – 10bn by December 2024

Exit – Listing on U.K. main market or Nasdaq by December 2024 / Trade sale to Challenger Bank

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