Health Food Symmetry announces partnership with the GO VITA chain of health food stores

Health Food Symmetry “HFS” is pleased to announce that the GO VITA chain of health food stores are now the exclusive distributors for Kfibre™ into the Australian health food stores market.

GO VITA is the largest retail chain of health food stores in Australia and having a dedicated distributor with a proven track record will also assist Health Food Symmetry in growing and servicing independent stores in collaboration with a proven performer.

The first pallet of kfibre 100g retail stock was sent to the go Vita warehouse on the 8th of July and it is planned to have stock to stores by the end of July.

The GO VITA group with HFS’s current stockists will mean Kfibre has a retail outlet in the majority of suburbs in every major population centre or approx. 50% of the health food stores in Australia.

HFS is realigning its TV, print and social media marketing campaigns to reflect GO VITA’s input and is expecting a marked increase in retail shop sales in the coming months.

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About Health Food Symmetry Pty Ltd

Health Food Symmetry Pty Ltd (HFS) was incorporated to acquire the assets of KFSU Ltd (Receiver Manager Appointed) as a going concern at a considerable discount to the capital amount expended to date and its previous Pre-IPO valuation.

KFSU produces Kfibre™  a university researched and proven gut and Microbiome support product selling into the fastest-growing global wellness markets “Gut/bowel Health and Microbiome support”. HFS/KFSU has a unique product 20% / month sales increases, established distributors, and an emerging global footprint with a high compounding % of repeat customers.

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