Helping banks win by helping their customers win

“The world needs a new banking system; one predicated on customer success, not failure. The only way we know how to do this is through the power of game.”

Colin Weir, CEO, Moroku 

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Banking has become incredibly commoditised through digital, increased regulation and a stagnant global economy. Concurrently Big Tech, like Ant Financial and FAANG is grabbing big chunks of market share as mobile video games and social redefine the customer experience and the entire banking business model of Net Interest Income collapses in a world of zero interest rates. With this background, banks need a new story to compete.


Characterised by games and social, customer engagement, of all ages and backgrounds, is being redefined. Customers want to have fun, take on challenges, be recognised and share. Moroku’s platform and processes create engaging financial services experiences for banks and wealth providers that empower customers and help everyone compete. It does this with its proprietary GameSystem methodology that maps the customer journey towards mastery and an innovative, cloud based, application engagement platform that drives the user experience, getting users to pay attention, build financial muscle and act.

Competitive Edge

Moroku’s competitive edge comes from its network. Not only do banks have a challenge in innovating their way through the rapidly changing, customer empowered landscape, so do the system integrators and technology companies that have traditionally provided the banks with their solutions. These providers need stories to tell and are signing distribution agreements with Moroku for distribution and scale.

Team Experience

CEO Colin Weir: Curious, Courageous and Present Innovator, Entrepreneur, Leader and tech exec with a proven track record of defining the future and building growth businesses to harness it. 1 Fintech exit to Netscape, executive and director roles at Microsoft and Sun Microsystems running $100M – $1Bn revenue businesses. Can start, grow and scale.


$5M for 30% of the company


  • To change the world of banking to one that is built on customer success.
  • Complete the acquisition of the bank in the USA pm Q1 2021 and build a bank for the bottom 80% of America
  • Complete the integration of ChoreScout with Constellation in the USA and one other core banking provider in Asia by the end of 2020
  • Be generating $100K SaaS per month by June 2021


  • Gartner – The Future of Banking
  • Profitable
  • Launching a new bank in the USA to bank the underserved
  • Broad range of solutions for Credit Unions, Digital Banks and Global Banks with customers in all categories

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