High yield margin lending returns with the Invictus Margin Lending Fund

Invictus Capital, a leading alternative investment firm, has announced the launch of its most recent fund, the Invictus Margin Lending Fund (IML). With recent market conditions and global equities trading at all time highs, Invictus realized that there was an opportunity within the alternative asset space to provide high yield margin lending returns to investors at a time when interest returns would complement any portfolio.

Daniel Schwartzkopff, CEO of Invictus Capital, says that he is excited about this latest fund as it offers further diversification to the investor community. Lending on international digital exchanges is a rapidly growing industry, with 145.70% quarter on quarter growth in loan originations (Graychain, 2019).

The fund takes advantage of speculation and volatility in the cryptocurrency market but has no direct exposure to cryptocurrencies. The fund’s strategy is to actively lend USD on exchanges to borrowers looking to fund their margin trading activities. These high-yield interest returns were previously only accessible to market makers and institutions.

Invictus Capital has developed an investment community in excess of 15,000 individuals from over 150 countries and an active growing community of over 50,000 from across the globe. The Invictus platform can onboard an investor in minutes, 24/7 in a fully automated process. To date, Invictus has both traditional (equity, credit-based) and alternative digital asset funds, with active and passive variations.

The Invictus Margin Lending fund, according to the litepaper, has limited drawdown risk. The fund aims to provide investors with high-yield returns from daily interest rates that have historically been in the region of 10%–25% per annum.

Launched in August, the IML fund has returned 11% (annualized net) returns to date. The IML fund has no minimum investment and no lock-up period – investors have access to their funds within 1 day. All fund transactions can be verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

Invictus Capital continues to pioneer the use of efficient blockchain technology by increasing access to innovative funds while targeting a global investor base. Invictus Capital has revolutionized the asset management space and has developed 4 unique alternative investment funds based upon its proprietary blockchain-based asset management platform.

IML offers the discerning investor superior dollar-based interest returns through margin lending.


About Invictus Capital:

Invictus Capital specialises in cryptocurrency investments and provides a complete range of fund choices for the investor wanting diversified exposure to the cryptocurrency market. CRYPTO20 was the first product released under the Invictus brand.

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