HR Tech with €1.4M Already Raised | CEO Exited Companies to Microsoft and Juniper

“ALL IN ONE – Scalable Global Solutions has raised over €1.4M for our DaaS (Department as a Solution). As an alternative to outsourcing, our DaaS solution enables SMEs to easily employ, manage, and pay an in-house team based in Croatia. Clients no longer have to worry about losing control, as DaaS presents the Future of Employment.

Markus Borlinghaus, Founder & CEO

Scalable Global Solutions

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Executive Summary

Scalable Global Solutions (SGS) is Europe’s first tech-enabled company combining business process optimisation (BPO), human resource services, and software solutions. It enables SMEs to establish in-house remote departments in Croatia.

SMEs face numerous obstacles in outsourcing, including finding and retaining quality talent, as well as managing a remote team. SGS recruits and employs talent, and handles the payroll and compliance. The client onboards their new team and has 100% control over the following:

  1. Who they hire
  2. The remote team’s day-to-day operations

DaaS assists clients in optimising and managing their departments, and they are supported by SGS ONE, an alternative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. SGS opens up access to a multi-billion dollar market and workforce which can be integrated into in-house teams.

Investment Highlights

  • SGS has raised €1.4M in funding from a variety of investors, including a family office.

  • Markus Borlinghaus, the company’s founder and CEO, exited two companies (one to Juniper and one to Microsoft) and has had senior and executive positions at Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, Xerox, and ATI.

  • SGS has three signed clients and three signed partners.

  • The global human resource technology market is valued at $24.04B and is expected to grow at a 5.8% CAGR over the next 5-10 years.

  • The above metric, combined with the global talent shortage, is creating the next >$300B market  

Investment Offering

Scalable Global Solutions is raising €4.5M of growth capital.

The funds will be used for marketing, to grow its partnership program, and to expand its recruitment network across Europe.

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