Huge investor interest and new materials discovered in Pleasure Point Mine

Key Takeaways:

  • $1,700,000 invested in 3 weeks
  • 300,000 tonne off take agreement signed – new high quality resource discovered

This has been a great start to our Pleasure Point Mine raise. In 3 weeks we raised our minimum subscription of $1,700,000 and we have just signed our first MOU for a 300,000 tonnes pa offtake agreement. We have also just discovered some rare material on site that can be used in the creation of solar panels for satellites, with further exploration to determine the volume of material the site could no.w be worth 5 times the estimated value

About RAIC

RAIC is an Investment Manager and a VC Enterprise, specialising in developing high yielding investment opportunities with a strong preference for Mortgage-backed securities.

Our unique approach to lending and investing is to work together with both our Project Partners and our Investors, by understanding the specific needs of both parties we help create bespoke investment opportunities that can achieve the goals and needs of everyone involved.

Their current investment project is the Pleasure Point Mine (PPM) which is the acquisition of a sandstone mine with a known quantity of 20 million tonnes of high grade silica content sandstone. The mine is located in Helidon Toowoomba with easy access to all main Highways that provide the Gateway to Brisbane and The Brisbane Port giving access to the International market.

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