Improving the performance of people and the organisations they work for

I would like to invite you to join myself on a journey of excitement and profit. Yes, we have a proven and innovative product. Yes, we are in a high growth sector with global opportunities. Yes, the market is extremely receptive to our offering at the moment. And Yes, you should make good money from this investment. But…here is why I would like you to join with me.

I have made my previous shareholders hundreds of millions of dollars and I love building businesses and bringing my shareholders along with me on the journey. Kendo is an exciting proposition. We will grow fast and it will be a wild ride. I want to add to your wealth, delight you, keep you informed, not provide any anxiety but above all else let you share in our sense of purpose.

Kendo changes the way organisations manage themselves and their people in this new world of work. Put your money to work where it will not only provide you a very good return, but it will make a difference to the business world. And oh yes, we are also an ESIC so you have some very nice tax advantages when you invest and when you take your capital profit.

Come on, get on board. Kendo is about to rock the house.” (

Jim McKerlie, Founder, The Kendo Method

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The way people are managed and the very nature of work itself is dramatically changing due to workplace automation, a millennial workforce, business disruption and now COVID-19. Ten years’ worth of digital transformation has occurred in six months.

Fifty percent of today’s tasks will be redundant within 5 years and the skills needed in the future cannot be acquired from current education or training.

Business plans are long on scenario analysis and pitifully short on an execution. Employee talent is suppressed by traditional command and control cultures and structures. This is not a combination that facilitates inspiring performance.


The networked organisation, with ubiquitous connectivity across all areas of the business and all its employees, allows for the collection and distribution of a large amount of information about people and organisational performance.

Successful execution (inspired performance) requires focus on the things that matter and putting in corrective actions as early as possible. Kendo measures business and individual plans constantly allowing continual refinement of resource and focus.

Inspired performance also requires people to agree with their manager what is expected of them and become accountable for delivering this through empowerment and trust. People also need to continually reskill and linking the required skills to roles is critical so talent can grow, be liberated, and become better employees.

Competitive Edge

The founders have invested $7m to date on product development and the platform has been completed and piloted with over 20 businesses.

The company has long-standing offshore developers providing a lower cost base. A major client (ASX 200) has signed a two-year contract and is successfully using the platform.

The target market is mid to large organisations with 200 to 5000 employees, in particular, ASX companies due to their people reporting requirements.

International growth prospects are high and the founder has been distributing software globally for 20 years. Kendo have channel relationships in Asia, North America and UK.

Team Experience

Jim McKerlie, the founder has chaired 4 ASX IPO’s, is an experienced director of very large and small ASX companies, has been creating and selling software around the world for 20 years and has a distinguished international career in management.

Andrew Chatfield, the CTO was the CTO for and has an exceptional knowledge of technology and business strategy.

Vanessa Wende, our People Scientist is a qualified and practising organisational psychologist and high-performance expert. She has been developing talent software for many years.

Kendo has acquired a strong offshore development team with the ability to scale and a competitive cost structure.


The company seeks to raise $750k for 12.5% of the company based on a pre-money company valuation of $6m. All shares on issue will be ordinary shares.

Options and incentives have been agreed with key employees. The founder is the executive chair. An advisory board exists currently.


Capital is needed to fund client acquisition and customer success teams. The addition of 15 clients would make the company profitable, but monetisation will require strategic positioning as well as client acquisition.

As a SaaS product in the HR tech space Kendo is in the global investment hotspot and significant value appreciation is expected.  The company knows the next step to ultimate success is to grow our customer base and that is our immediate focus.


  • Incorporated Nov 2018
  • Launched at HR Tech Nov 2019
  • Signing up major ASX client Dec 2019
  • Seed capital raised Feb 2020
  • Achieved ESIC status Feb 2020
  • Acquired People Prophet and Plando Feb 2020
  • Successful implementation of ASX client Feb-Aug 2020

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