Imugene Ltd (ASX: IMU) Appoints New Managing Director


  • Imugene Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Leslie Chong was recently appointed as Imugene’s Managing Director.
  • Imugene is known for its anti-cancer immunotherapy drug HER-Vaxx, which is being developed in partnership with the Medical University of Vienna, in Austria

Immuno-Oncology company Imugene Limited announced the appointment of Leslie Chong as its new Managing Director. Prior to her appointment as Imugene Managing Director, Chong was the company’s Chief Executive

Chong, who was previously connected with Genentech as its Senior Clinical Program Lead, has more than 17 years of experience in clinical and department development in the field of Oncology. Prior to Genentech, Chong worked with Exelixis as its clinical operation head.

“Since her appointment as CEO, Leslie has led Imugene in an outstanding fashion. Through her leadership and tireless contribution, Imugene has successfully achieved various important milestones in both the clinical and
corporate fronts. Her appointment as the company’s Managing Director recognises the value of Leslie’s strategic input as the company continues to deploy its business plan and secure sustainable growth,” Imugene Executive Chairman Paul Hopper said. Hopper is a Sydney-based
bioentrepreneur who played an important role in the development of Imugene’s HER-Vaxx, a vaccine against breast cancer.

Imugene, previously known as Vos Industries, was into the development of frying food technology. But while it has made its initial public offering in 1993, it was not successful in commercializing the technology.

The company changed its name to Imugene, short for Immune Genetics, as it started to venture into the animal vaccine technology sometime in 2002. This again proved unsuccessful so the company was restructured in mid-2012 and is now concentrating on the drug delivery technology.
Imugene’s lead product is HER-Vaxx, which aims to provide immunotherapy against ovarian, breast, gastric, pancreatic and lung cancers. HER-Vaxx is being developed in partnership with the Medical University of Vienna in


About Imugene Ltd (ASX: IMU)

Imugene is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company. Its lead product is HER-Vaxx, a B Cell peptide vaccine for the treatment of gastric cancer. The company is also developing mimotope-based immunotherapies against validated and new oncology targets. HER-Vaxx is an immuno-oncology therapy designed to treat tumours that over-express the HER-2/neu receptor, such as gastric, breast, ovarian, lung and pancreatic cancers.

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