Imugene Releases First Quarter 2017 Achievements

Imugene Limited has recently released their first quarter 2017 update on their current achievements.


  • Leslie Chong presented on Feb 13, 2017 at “Wall Street Wonders” in New York, NY.
  • The role of all contributors was to share their own views and experience to help inform insightful content, while supporting their own thought leadership/ profile building. Leslie was invited to share her views and perspectives on the future of Australian business and the characteristics businesses require for success beyond tomorrow.
  • 9 March 2017: Leslie Chong presented at the “Sydney Small Cap Showcase” for Wholesale Investor.
  • CEO, Leslie Chong has received great kudos and acknowledgement on her efforts to bring Imugene into the foreground of immuno- oncology research and development.
  • 2016 was a busy foundation year for our new Mimotope Program. It ended well with our filing of four new patent applications with IP Australia. Three of the patents filed specifically to protect new mimotope B-cell vaccine compositions which are directed to commercially validated immuno-oncology targets.

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