In 135 years of bike production, the Roadster is a milestone product – A disrupter

“Hi, I’m Julian Ilich, a designer, engineer and entrepreneur with a passion to create a healthier and more sustainable world.

Four years ago myself and my co-founder established Tiller Rides with a goal of enabling more people to choose sustainable urban transport.

The first product on the journey to realising this dream was the creation of a revolutionary urban ride that with its unique style and market leading integrated features is suitable for any occasion and so easy to use that more people would ride everyday. It is well beyond any other urban electric bike on the market today and is set to disrupt the booming e-bike game.

With over $850,000 of pre-orders now in place and a production line nearing completion we are revenue ready!

‘We are currently raising our third round of capital to turn on the production line and deliver 2,000 units in the first 18 months, revenue of over $9,000,000. This puts us on track to deliver revenues of $46,000,000 in revenue by year 4.”

Julian Ilich, Co Founder, Tiller Rides

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The design of current bikes and ebikes is essentially 135 years old and as a result don’t have the features required to make today’s urban riding convenient enough to appeal to most people as a viable form of everyday transport.


Through its unique style and a feature set that urban riders desire the Roadster overcomes the common barriers to urban riding. It was born to get people back on a bike!

Unique features include an integrated 5 part security system and GPS tracker, front and rear automatic lighting, low maintenance belt instead of a chain, smooth electric assist, multiple carriers, sturdy double stand, long range battery…… and all of this achieved with incredible style.

In 135 years of bike production, the Roadster is a milestone product – a disrupter.

Competitive Edge

Tiller Rides will win for two main reasons – Brand and Superior Product

A BRAND PEOPLE LOVE: Today’s consumers not only desire great products they also want to know they are buying from a good company. Tiller Rides will stand out by being one of the few bike companies in the world that has a mission to improve health and wellbeing while reducing people’s impact on the planet.

A SUPERIOR PRODUCT: Most ebikes either do style well, by removing all the features, OR they do function well by bolting lots of things on to their tubular frame – making it unattractive. The Roadster’s world first monocoque frame has enabled features to be put inside the frame or seamlessly integrated making it the first ebike to do both style and features – making it a cut above all other urban ride offerings.

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Team Experience

Tiller Rides has one of the highest calibre startup boards in the country. Each person was hand picked by the founders for their relevant skills and experience and together have successfully steered the business from milestone to milestone over the last 3.5 years.

Founder Julian Ilich is an experienced designer, engineer and CEO with one startup already under his belt. Founder Ray Glickman has more than 30 years worth of CEO and business management experience and is the Yang to Julian’s Yin. Both founders are passionate about health, wellbeing and sustainable living and it is this passion that is the secret sauce behind the businesses success so far.

The design and engineering, management and finance team all share the Tiller Rides values and bring not only their phenomenal talents but a commitment that ensures no hurdles are insurmountable.


This is our last raise before revenue and so is the last chance to get in at the ground floor before the expected post-revenue share price growth.

Our goal is to raise $3.375 Million (2,250,000 ordinary shares, @ $1.50 (AUD) per share – a 50% share price growth since the first round)

Pre Money Valuation ~ $6.8 Million (AUD)

This raise will enable the business to start the production line, launch the Roadster into the market and expand to the eastern states.


Our goal is to sell in excess of 10,000 bikes per year within 4 years. This will be achieved by expanding our reach to the east coast of Australia in late ‘21 and then enter the European market in ‘22.

The FY’25 revenue goal of $46 Million AUD would make the business valued in the vicinity of $100 Million – 10 X the current post money valuation of this raise.




  • 5 Minute Investment Summary Video
  • First Community Test ride Video
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