In H2 2021, TurtleTree successfully raised US$ 30,000,000 and joined forces with Solar Biotech to speed up Go-to-Market

Venture Capital investment has skyrocketed in precision fermentation companies over the past decade. When compared to conventional agriculture, lab-based agriculture offers numerous ethical and health benefits, reduces carbon emissions and land use. It also removes the waste associated with meat farming.

The main challenge is to improve production efficiency by developing strains that maximise yield and produce as many target proteins and sugars as possible from a given volume of liquid.

TurtleTree successfully raised US$ 30,000,000 in the first tranche of its Series-A round led by VERSO Capital in H2 2021. In addition, TurtleTree Labs has entered a new strategic partnership with Solar Biotech, an industrial biomanufacturing specialist, to scale up the process of producing cell-based milk ingredients, which is a major step towards reaching price parity with traditional food production methods. This achievement comes after TurtleTree Labs partnership with Dyadic International, a global biotechnology company focused on accelerating development and lowering production costs of numerous biological products.

TurtleTree’s journey to a new generation of nutrition that is better for the planet, better for the animals, and better for people everywhere has reached a significant turning point in 2021.

About The Company

TurtleTree is pioneering nutrition from human milk, using novel technologies including cell-based and precision fermentation to address the unsustainable cattle farming practices impacting the environment with extensive use of water use and growing emissions of greenhouse gas including carbon dioxide and methane etc…In that context, TurtleTree Labs aims at unlocking access to the natural ingredients found in human milk using a host of new technologies, making its benefits available for all.

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