Incomlend is offering investors yields via credit receivables (100% covered by credit insurance) with a 120 day maturity

“We’re a global online invoice trading platform that connects exporters and importers with world-class institutional investors. Investors can access an attractive new alternative asset class and accelerate capital return through Incomlend invoice platform powered by proprietary technology for fund matching and transaction processing.

Our goal is to provide the investors with easy and flexible access to a diversified pool of receivables linked to the real economy, short-term and uncorrelated to the financial markets. The platform helps our investors build their portfolio to meet their investment parameters. We encourage investors to get on board the Incomlend platform for a first-hand experience.”

Morgan Terigi, CEO and Co-Founder, Incomlend

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Investment Specialty

Enhanced through an innovative fintech platform, Incomlend solves the funding gap in the real economy by giving investors easy and flexible access to credit insured trade receivable.

Alternative Asset Class:
Invoice factoring yields stable rates and is uncorrelated with public financial markets and other asset classes.

Unique Investing Methodology

Incomlend’s innovative in-house IT platform automates the onboarding of buyer and seller of trade receivable journey, with enhanced checks done on KYC and AML.

Credit Insured:

100% of the invoice flow covered by credit insurance. Funds are secured on Trust accounts.

Short Term:

All investment credit opportunities have short term maturities (max 120 days).

Track Record

Incomlend broke even two years after they started the company.

Global reach and volume:

  • Financed a significant number of transactions in over 50 countries worldwide during the last five years.
  • On track to reaching USD1billion of financed receivables.

Team Experience

Their team has more than five decades of experience in factoring, commodity trading and banking.  The team is led by Dominik Oggenfuss, who has previously worked with JP Morgan, UBS AG and has held roles of global head of distribution Asset Managers in various companies.

The Offer

Short term private credit receivable opportunities fully credit insured from a wide and global range of exporters.

Opportunity Highlights

  • Quick turnover of Investment:
    Most investments have a lockup of 3-5 years to lockup whereas Incomlend provides 120 day maturities.
  • Fund Protection:
    Incomlend’s invoice financing is credit insured against default with an A+ credit insurance.
  • Backed by major investment groups:
    Raised USD20 million in Series A funding round led by Sequoia India last year and recently, they received funding from EDBI, a Singapore govt. investment arm.
  • Globally trusted key partners:
    Secured DBS bank as Custodian of Trust accounts and Thomson Reuters as KYC engine.

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