INOPTEC delivered 400% ROI

The “Innovator of the Year” awarded INOPTEC has just raised 250k EUR from a strategic plastic part supplier this week, on top of the 1 Mio. EUR which was already raised.

INOPTEC has developed and patented the world’s first Vision Enhancement System (VES), which comprises smart glasses and LED lamps, enabling instant light adaptation & protection – day or night – to improve the wearer’s safety and performance under otherwise impossible and dangerous viewing/light conditions!

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UK Policy:

PA Consulting Group (R&D firm Cambridge) and Kinnier Dufort (Design firm Bristol) are still set as top-notch development partners for the British-German high-tech start-up INOPTEC Ltd. – even after Brexit, says the founder and CEO, Ralf G.J. Knoll.

We can maximise our R&D and marketing abilities by combining our UK tech clusters with those in Germany, Ireland and the US. 

And with 80 patents underway – we can create a worldwide monopoly!

Smart glass users can go beyond themselves – and become unstoppable!

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