Inspirenine is launching a fashion-tech first with their latest platform, led by founders with a successful track record of app creation (30 apps launched, top 30 within 4 weeks)

“We are excited about helping everyone feel confident and being more of who they truly are! Our mission is for everyone to be confident inside and out by inspiring users with outfit ideas that suit who they truly are, and to show people ways to make the most of their current wardrobe through the power of influencers on a digital platform – no matter what the style, budget or location is.

Bronwen Cope, Founder, Infinity Inspirato Pty Ltd

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  1. Knowing what to wear and how to wear it is a universal problem with 61 % of Americans admitting to struggling to find something to wear even though their wardrobe is full of clothes
  2. 74% of people get confirmation that what they are about to buy or wear looks good by going onto social media
  3. There are too many fashion ecommerce sites for consumers to find anything – with people spending from 77 mins and up to 44 hours per month online shopping
  4. Getting styling advice is biased and expensive
  5. People are wasting a lot of money with 80% of what people buy being seldom worn
  6. The fashion industry has a massive impact on the environment with 85% of textiles bought every year ending up in landfill.
  7. Stylists and fashion influencers are spending time chasing brand deals.


Inspirenine is the first platform that brings the entire online and offline fashion space from every location and every brand in the world together, in one place to give users one central place to go to find inspiration for what to wear and how to wear it by showcasing styles rather than brands.

Users will save time and money and be inspired by outfits created in a style that they choose. They get to create, get advice and find where to buy items that they desire in a quick, simple, personalised way, without limitations or bias – all in one place.
This platform truly empowers users to embrace his or her own unique style and build confidence and self-esteem by helping them feel good about what they wear and how they wear it.

Inspirenine gives influencers/stylists a platform to develop an unlimited income through monetising one of their greatest assets – their knowledge and ability to put together fashionable outfits created from a mix of brands, from any site, from anywhere in the world.

Competitive Edge

Inspirenine is dedicated to working with, and giving stylists and fashion influencers, lucrative subscription deals to enable them to focus on what they do best – giving unbiased fashion and style advice to their followers.

Team Experience

The team has over 30 years management experience.

Dane and Steve have consulted with and helped to build and launch over 30 app startups prior to Inspirsenine, including an app in the fashion space that was listed amongst the top 30 in the app store within the first 4 weeks of release.


Total of $200,000 for 20%.

4 million shares at 5 cents per share with a minimum investment of 100,000 shares ($5000)


In the next 12 months – Inspirenine aims to:

  • Raise 200K
  • Build and release the first mvp with the key user mobile, influencer and admin features
  • Identify and onboard the top 100 fashion influencers from around the world
  • Invest time and money into supporting their foundation influencers and giving significant incentives to promote and have their current followers on other platforms subscribe and follow them on Inspirenine.
  • Continue to build and work towards release 2,3 and 4 – with the 4th version to be the full version


  • Protoype completed November 2020
  • $70,000 in investment already committed
  • Highly scalable business
  • Proven business model
  • Lucrative market

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