Insync Funds Significantly Outperforms Benchmark | May Update

We are pleased to report that both the Insync funds significantly outperformed the benchmark again in May. The Global Capital Aware fund delivered in excess of +19% over the benchmark for the year, benefitting from the downside protection and strong focus on quality businesses. Our long-only Global Quality Equity fund was +14% over benchmark. Both consistently outperformed in both rising and falling markets over the past 5 months through some of the most volatile times in a century.

We continue holding companies exposed to Megatrends that our work shows will deliver sustainable profitable growth in a post pandemic environment. Insync is a broad-based global equity fund exposed to 16 such global Megatrends with each business delivering very high levels of profitability (ROIC), and are on the right side of disruption. Beneficiaries extend well beyond technology, the Amazon’s and the Alphabet’s of the world, and into areas like pet nutrition, animal diagnostics, medical devices businesses, beauty and athleisure.

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About Insync Funds Management Pty Ltd

Insync Funds Management Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based specialist future focused global equity funds management company established in 2009 that invests in a concentrated portfolio of highly profitable global stocks that have delivered superior returns for our fund investors over a sustained period of 10 years.

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