Insync’s Global Equity Funds deliver +30% returns in 2019

Our four key pillars for business success are now in place – Product, Process, People and Performance.

Key highlights in building the business foundation in 2019 included:

⦁ For 12 months to 30th November 2019 our Funds returned:
⦁ 33.84% in the Global Quality Equity Fund and
⦁ 32.59% in the Global Capital Aware Fund
⦁ Reached $50+ million Funds under Management – Year on Year increase of +35%
⦁ Passed 10 years of operation with top quartile performance against comparable funds in each time period – 1, 3, 5 and 10 years

Insync Summary Performance Report

In 2020 Insync is offering two fantastic investment opportunities for you to join us in our journey:

Take a stake in our business at a very special entry price of $10/share and reap the benefits of business growth in an industry providing significant scale opportunity with:

⦁ Industry growth at 3x global GDP.
⦁ Legislated super adding contributions at the rate of A$100bn+ per year to the A$3 trillion superannuation asset base.
⦁ Forecasted annualized profit per share to increase to $16+ by 2025.
⦁ Forecasted share value to exceed $100 per share by 2025 at a valuation rate of 10 x average earnings (before tax)

 Invest in an Insync Fund and participate in its future performance with access to our:

⦁ Processes – significant IP
⦁ Products – unique solutions with competitive advantage and
⦁ People – world class experience



About Insync Funds Management Pty Ltd

Insync Funds Management Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based specialist future focused global equity funds management company established in 2009 that invests in a concentrated portfolio of highly profitable global stocks that have delivered superior returns for our fund investors over a sustained period of 10 years.

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