International award winner for “Best Product on Show” at PNG Security Congress 2019 AARC Systems Holding is looking to raise up to $1,000,000

AARC Systems, a Ballarat-based, tech startup and maker of the innovative, wireless-linked emergency alert system, AARC-EVAC, has won an international award at the 2019 PNG Security Congress, Port Moresby, Awards night, 6th March for “Best Product on Show”. The award was presented by the Hon. Jelta Wong MP, PNG Minister for Police to Mr. Richard Wilson, founder, and CEO of AARC Systems Pty Ltd, a Ballarat based company that designs and manufactures a world-leading, wireless-linked, emergency alert system, AARC-EVAC.

Mr Wilson said that he “was honored to receive the award for ‘Best Product on Show’ that was voted by attending delegates”. “We had an enormous interest in our AARC-EVAC system on display at the congress expo from both private and government organisations. The AARC-EVAC emergency alert system brings together four different emergency alerts, duress, lockdown, first aid assist, & evacuation including voice alert messages all in one wireless-linked system” said Mr. Wilson.

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AARC Systems is today leading another significant change in risk management, responding to our changing world. It has designed and commercialised a highly integrated all-in-one risk management solutions product, the product AARC-EVAC addresses Evacuation, Lockdown, multiple location Duress Assist, multiple location First Aid Assist and a range of Natural Disaster Warnings, in one unique wireless linked system.

With a Total Available Market of $26.5bn, a “market ready product’ and the specialist Risk Management market sector, AARC Systems and its investors are provided with exciting opportunities for high growth.
Fire evacuation sirens alone are no longer enough. In today’s world, what is needed is new risk management solutions to cover fire, gas leak, terror, situational, occupational and random violence & aggression, sudden illness & injury, natural disasters and more.

An Integrated Emergency Alert System, with a significant range of Risk Management solutions, the AARC-EVAC product, integrates sirens with multilingual voice instructions for Evacuation, Lockdown, multiple Duress Assist call locations, multiple First Aid Assist call locations, a range of Natural Disaster warnings and more, all in one system.

The largest market is retrofitting systems to existing premises, typically within the education, industry, warehouses, construction, leisure/recreation, government, healthcare, retail, accommodation sectors. AARC Systems is focussed on establishing a world market, by delivering systems via a network of in-country distributors and in some cases OEM branding for established, market-leading manufacturers. The identified path to market is via security and safety wholesale distribution to their clients, the systems integrators, who already have the technical expertise to market, install and commission the AARC EVAC for their customers.

Finally, the end customer benefits from better risk management outcomes, by eliminating risks or controlling risks or by reducing the impact of emergencies and emergency incidents for their employees, clients and/or the general public.

AARC Systems is offering up to 1,250,000 shares at an issue price of $0.80 per share to raise
up to $1,000,000 for 11.98% of the Company.

Investor funds will be leveraged, through the company’s access to the 43.5% “R&D tax offset Grant” cash out, the “Export Market Development Grant” (EMDG) 50% of export marketing spend and potentially other Commonwealth and State Government grants.


About  AARC Systems

A new Integrated Emergency Alert System, providing Risk Management solutions across a significant range of activities and vertical markets. AARC Systems is the international award winning researcher, developer and manufacturer of the AARC-EVAC system.

AARC Systems is an Australian security and safety products manufacturing company, established to design and deliver a range of highly innovative wireless linked emergency alert products and systems. The systems integrate sirens along with voice instructions (multilingual if required) for Evacuation, Lockdown, multiple Duress Assist call locations, multiple First Aid Assist call locations and a range of Natural Disaster warnings, all in one system.

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