Introducing the new Q Pod

The Q Pod will be at Mynd Studios in Barangaroo, Sydney for two weeks of user testing from Monday April 26 to May 7.

The Quiet Company would like to invite you to try their Quiet Mind experience.

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About The Quiet Company

The Quiet Company is a health and wellbeing business that helps people to embrace their quiet side. For some folk that means being more focussed and productive in their work day. For others it’s the time to meditate and be still. And for many quiet people, we are a new retail experience where you can find some calm in the chaos.

Our primary brand asset are our custom-built Q Pods, which offer comfort, calm and productivity benefits in a variety of settings. Our Q Pods are available for hire in a range of business and public settings at $100-a-week on a 12-month contract or can be bought out right for $10,000 + GST.

Our retail offer is The Quiet Community which is a unique spatial oasis where quiet people can be themselves, by themselves in a welcoming, safe and non-judgemental social setting.

Our key target audience are the delicate souls of introverts, an often maligned and misunderstood group within society. We hope to build a strong, inclusive international community around our business as we give people the time and space to think and be happy.

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