Investment Opportunity | Digital Asset Fund With 698% Returns Since Inception

“We believe the world is going digital: work, entertainment, and money. Not all digital assets will benefit equally from this structural shift.

So at ListedReserve, we focus on liquidity, economic imperatives, and underlying token economics in an effort to find the best digital assets in this growing sector. Our Managed Fund provides wholesale investors exposure to the best of this expanding digital metaverse.

To date, our fund has returned 698% since inception. The digital shifts that have generated these returns and the metaverse they are creating are only just beginning to play out.”

Daniel Pickering, Chief Investment Officer

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Investment Specialty: Digital Asset Management

Unique Investing Methodology

  • ListedReserve is an Australian fund manager specialising in the growing digital asset sector. The company realises superior returns by focusing on liquidity, token economics, and by selecting assets within digital ecosystems such as video games and decentralised finance (DeFi).

Track Record

  • ListedReserve has been investing in digital assets since 2018.
  • ListedReserve’s Managed Fund’s performance has gained momentum over the last 12 months, with the rolling 1-year performance standing at 392%.
  • The fund has returned 698% since inception with an annualised rate of return of 89% per annum.

Investment Committee Experience

Daniel Pickering, CIO, ListedReserve

  • Daniel has held various senior finance roles in London before moving to Australia as the Chief Financial Officer of William Hill Australia.

Paul Rayson, CEO, Hearts and Minds Investments Limited

  • A former Managing Director of Commsec, Paul has extensive experience in technology, banking and risk management.

Ari Klinger, Founder and Investor at FounderCo, No Brand Holdings, and Right Click Capital

  • Ari has helped create value for founders as a board member, advisor, and investor.

The Offer

  • Investors can invest in ListedReserve’s Managed Fund through a unit trust, providing regular reporting, investment, and redemption processes.

    Units are issued under ListedReserve’s AFS license 513 745.

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