EdTech Animation and App Developer Secured a Distribution Contract with Global Channels | 2.4B Monthly Views

“In 2015, I started writing bedtime stories for my two boys to explain where I’ve been on my trips away as an airline captain. We have published eight children’s book titles in the original Amazing Adventures of Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly series, with sales exceeding 85,000.

In 2020, we founded Plane Characters Productions to bring these stories to life in a new animated series called Let’s Go See. Each episode of the series contains fun, historical, and cultural facts about the destination and the character’s role model teamwork, acceptance, courtesy, and inclusion. The animations are supported by an augmented reality app and series of reading books.

Now is your opportunity to help us entertain, educate, and inspire children in the diversity, cultures, and wonders of our world so that they grow to be its greatest citizens.”

Rob Johnson, Co-founder, Plane Characters Productions

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Executive Summary

Plane Characters Productions Ltd (PCP) is an independent animation, app development, and publishing company that operates in the educational technology and children’s entertainment industry sector. PCP’s brand Let’s Go See educates, entertains, and inspires children to travel, discover, and explore the world through the solar-powered JJ-1 eco-plane.

To watch Let’s Go See’s latest episodes, click here.

Investment Highlights

  • Plane Characters Productions has recently secured a contract to distribute its content through global digital distribution on Little Dots Studios channels, which achieve 2.4 billion views a month and further growth on upcoming linear and OTT channels.
  • PCP has multiple revenue streams including animation, applications, and licensed merchandise.
  • PCP has a world-class and award-winning team of creators, producers, tech developers, and educationalists.
  • PCP has obtained full accreditation from Dr Amanda Gummers of Good Play and Good App Guide.
  • PCP’s initial SEIS fundraising round was oversubscribed.

Investment Offering

Plane Characters Productions is raising £600,000 for 20% equity to fund the creation of more content and to grow the Let’s Go See brand across a larger distribution network and multiple revenue streams.

The investment is Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) pre-approved for UK-based investors.

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