Investment platform raises $1m in 6 hours, public offer closes in 6 days

Unhedged is an Australian fintech platform that enables retail investors to use complex algorithms to invest in the stock market. Unhedged gives retail investors direct and transparent access to the investment strategies of institutional investors. Unhedged has 4500 people on its waiting list, ready to use the app when it expands from sophisticated investors to retail investors in Q3, 2021. Unhedged met its minimum funding goal of $350,000 within 45 minutes of opening a private offer and raised $1m in 6 hours. The offer is now open to the public and closes in 6 days.

About Unhedged

Unhedged is a super simple app-based experience that allows everyday investors to assign their money to advanced AI trading algorithms to access higher performance. The algorithms are built on known factors but are enhanced by our quant team and made suitable to trade retail funds.

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