Investor Demand Brings Alpha Seven Energy (USA) to Sydney Australia

Dallas-based company Alpha Seven Energy (ASE) announced the opening of their Sydney office in Australia. This was due to the overwhelming demand from Australian investors seeking USD revenue, diversification, and a monthly residual income. ASE has created a pathway for Australians to acquire direct ownership in energy assets (oil and gas wells) in the United States of America, a market previously difficult to access.

Alpha Seven Energy has secured several oil-rich leases in the Permian Basin, Arkoma Basin, Colorado, and Oklahoma. They are pleased to report that the latest development in Seminole County, Oklahoma has proven to be one of the most successful endeavors to date. This lease is in its second phase of development and consists of shallow, vertical wells, targeting stacked pay zone opportunities.  In May 2020, ASE successfully drilled two wells on this lease, and is currently preparing to drill a third well in August 2020.  When asked for comment on the progress of this lease, the exploration and production manager said, “You are entering the castle building phase that the oil industry has laid before our feet.” This comment is a result of drilling data reporting far greater than expected oil and gas reserves.

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About Alpha Seven Energy

Alpha Seven Energy was founded in May 2017, with its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, and now the new Australian office located in Sydney. ASE is a privately-owned energy company, which is primarily focused on developing early-stage, conventional and unconventional oil and gas reserves in the United States of America.

ASE is a fully-integrated corporation with subsidiary companies specialising in operations and drilling equipment.  The subsidiaries facilitate growth and optimise the efficiency and profitability of each project, which directly benefits investors and stakeholders.  The company holds over 29,000 premium acres in highly prolific regions including the Permian Basin, Arkoma Basin, Colorado, Oklahoma, and is strategically positioned to rapidly commercialise and profit from oil and gas reserves. ASE provides opportunities for investors around the globe to own direct working interest in projects. Investors share the net revenue interest as a monthly residual income. ASE’s senior partners have a passion and dedication to quality, honesty, and transparency. Their objective is to support, educate, and provide evidence-based analysis to fully inform investors about the project’s features and benefits.

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