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      If you wish for someone to coordinate and manage your next event, consider Wholesale Investor. We can manage your next broker roadshow, facilitate introductions to investors and service providers interstate and overseas etc.

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        Wholesale Investor events services are available for roadshows, AGMs, presentations, and in organising meetings with interested parties.

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        Wholesale Investor events have connected $187million of capital in just under 4 years, showcased to over 29,300+ high net-worth investors and investment groups at events spanning 9 countries and 12 cities.

        This year, Wholesale Investor has adapted a virtual investor events model whilst remaining 100% committed to helping our ecosystem continue to thrive in this environment. Wholesale Investor events provide companies and investors with invaluable networking opportunities and visibility on a global scale.

        Wholesale Investor events are recognised by renowned organisations as a leading platform for investor network and connections as the demand for innovation locally and internationally continues to grow.