Invictus sees increased interest in margin lending

Invictus Capital, a leading alternative investment firm, has seen a marked increase in demand for USD loans, which has resulted in high returns for their recently launched Margin Lending Fund (IML). The Margin Lending Fund is the fourth fund launched by Invictus Capital; the fund’s performance since inception in mid-October has been over 10% per annum, with daily annualized returns often exceeding 20% per annum.


Fund returns are driven by demand from traders seeking to leverage their positions on crypto margin lending exchanges. The fund utilizes fund assets (held in USD and stablecoin assets) to obtain margin lending positions that earn interest daily. The interest rates achieved are optimized across exchange platforms and currencies by a combination of efforts from the fund management team and proprietary trading technology.

The fund benefits from the extreme volatility of the crypto market, as this drives the lending rates, but has no direct exposure to the crypto market, as fund assets consist of only US dollars or dollar-backed stablecoins. Also, interest on lending these assets is paid daily, which leads to favorable compounding.


These high-yield interest returns were previously only accessible to market makers and other institutions. Now more than ever, investors are seeking products that offer diversification and allow them to counter negative interest rates. With IML, investors have the opportunity to invest in a fund that offers superior dollar-based returns with no anticipated downside risk. To find out more on the IML fund, watch the video here.


Invictus Capital’s blockchain-based asset management platform can onboard an investor in minutes, in a fully automated process. The platform provides the option of daily liquidity, with no lock-in period, for investors looking to withdraw their funds.


Invictus Capital continues to pioneer the use of efficient blockchain technology by increasing access to innovative funds while targeting a global investor base. To date, Invictus has offered both traditional (equity, credit-based) and alternative digital asset funds, with active and passive variations. To learn more about the IML Fund, and other Invictus funds, visit the Invictus Capital website today.


About Invictus Capital:

Invictus Capital specialises in cryptocurrency investments and provides a complete range of fund choices for the investor wanting diversified exposure to the cryptocurrency market. CRYPTO20 was the first product released under the Invictus brand.

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