Jd Sanmed Achieved Reaching Their Milestone With The Development Of Iscope Is Bound To Make An Impact

JD Sanmed have reached our milestone of a technical prototype of our product, the iScope. The iScope is a digital medical device that enables General Practitioners to examine patients’ ears, eyes and skin more conveniently than with current instruments, while supporting recording of digital images, and performing billable procedures such as ear wax removal that usually require a referral to a specialist.

We will continue with our customer research to receive more feedback. Previous surveys and interviews of general physicians have indicated consistent responses and strong traction. 82% of doctors are likely to buy a device like iScope as it addresses all needs for medical devices in general practice.

The next major milestone will be the full commercial product, ready to be launched to the market.

We also welcome our new team member, Rachel Boden, who brings in her 20 years experience as an executive in Marketing and Sales. Prior joining us, she has successfully brought several other medical device startups to market. She complements our already strong executive team and we are looking forward to working with her. Rachel’s extensive knowledge and experience will be a great asset to JD Sanmed.

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About The Company

JD Sanmed was founded by Dr Olaf Rusoke-Dierich who developed the iScope product as a solution to problems he and his colleagues in General Practice experienced firsthand, every day. He has now engaged Ontogo, who are a team of experienced medical device executives to guide the company through the commercialisation journey.

The iScope has a conservative Serviceable Available Market (SAM) of $264 million, only considering General Practitioners in Australia, USA, France, Germany and the UK. The solution is applicable to other users and in other markets as well, but the intent is to remain focused on the General Practitioner in these countries for the initial version. They are well understood by the current team and yield a very profitable, high growth business.

The path to commercial release is well understood with experienced, Australian medical device design and development houses engaged and ready to take this product through prototyping, development and initial manufacturing.

Our vision is that JD Sanmed will become a leading provider of innovative medical device solutions for Medical General Practitioners worldwide.

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