Joi’s message to all event planners – Be the supreme event organiser in 2020

Joi is calling all event planners:

A new year’s resolution you can stick to:

We can’t help you get to the gym or learn to play the piano but we can help you be the supreme event organiser in 2020.

Take control: use Joi.

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About Joi

Joi is a SaaS product that significantly improves productivity in event project management. Events are big business. It is estimated that spend on business events annually is north of 600BN USD, and spend on event management around 30BN USD.

Joi will save organisations money by improving productivity. Our beta testers are reporting savings of 50% to 70% on administering and delivering events. Joi gives organisers one source of truth and the ability to update once, update everyone. The old tools are also only really usable on desktop; which is a pain point for an industry that is, by its nature, mobile. Joi has been designed mobile first. So wherever you are you have all the required information at your fingertips.

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