Kazia, a company developing innovative high-impact drugs for cancer, presents to AusBiotech Invest

Kazia, developing innovative, high-impact drugs for cancer has presented to AusBiotech Invest.

Investment Rationale:

  • Our lead program, GDC-0084, was designed by Genentech, the world’s most successful cancer drug developer, and has completed a successful phase 1 human trial, showing it to be generally safe and providing signals of efficacy


  • GDC-0084 is a PI3K inhibitor, a well-validated and well-understood class of cancer therapies with four FDA-approved products; unique differentiating feature of GDC-0084 is the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier


  • Five clinical trials of GDC-0084 are currently underway at leading US hospitals, of which four are primarily funded by external parties, covering a broad range of primary and secondary brain cancers to provide multiple shots on goal


  • Company is well-financed, following a recent institutional placement, with new interim efficacy data from lead program expected in November 2019; pivotal study for registration expected to commence in 2020


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