Kazia announces company’s achievements at the Annual General Meeting

Kazia shares the company’s achievements at their Annual General Meeting.

” 2019 has been one of the most exciting years in our company’s short history,” said Chairman of Kazia.

Dr James Garner shares, “The reason for that excitement is, in a word, data. The lifeblood of any drug development company is the data that it is able to generate from its clinical trials. That data represents economic value for shareholders and it represents hope for patients. Objective data provides the hard facts on which professional investors and potential partners will ultimately judge us.

We have had three important data read-outs this year Perhaps the most important one, however, is coming in just over a week from today.
In May, we announced that GDC-0084 had achieved a higher maximum tolerated dose – MTD – in newly-diagnosed patients than in the original Genentech phase I study. This is a very encouraging indication that the drug is well tolerated in the precise patient group that we are targeting for commercialisation. Our ability to administer a higher dose can only bode well
for our prospects of demonstrating clinical benefit.

In September, our colleagues at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital achieved a comparable MTD in childhood brain cancer. It is very positive to know that the drug is also tolerable in children, and the St Jude team are currently recruiting additional patients to look for potential efficacy signals.

I would remind everyone that there are no approved drug treatments for this form of brain cancer, and the average survival from diagnosis is approximately nine months. It would be remarkable if we are able to offer benefit to patients and
their families.

Also in September, we presented interim data from our ongoing Cantrixil study in ovarian cancer at the prestigious ESMO conference. The data suggested a potential increase in progression-free survival for patients treated with Cantrixil. Given that these are very late stage patients who are very resistant to treatment, this is a tremendous result. I had the pleasure of meeting with our lead investigator yesterday, and his excitement at the emerging data was quite palpable.

Next week, we will present the first preliminary efficacy data from the ongoing GDC-0084 phase II study in glioblastoma. The study is still ongoing, and so this will only be an early glimpse, but I know that a wide range of stakeholders will be watching with great interest. The median progression-free survival for the patients we are targeting is only around five months, so any preliminary indication that we are able to prolong this duration is likely to be of very high impact.
To see these projects through to their completion, your Board chose to capitalise on growing investor interest and conduct a modest share placement to strengthen the company’s balance sheet. As always, our overriding concern has been to ensure that we are able to deliver value from our pipeline while safeguarding the interests of existing investors. We have once again raised only what is needed to drive the next round of data generation. Despite a very challenging environment, our placement was conducted without the need for options or warrants, and has brought additional high-quality institutional investors on to the registry. I am pleased to take this opportunity to welcome them to Kazia.

Looking ahead, we aspire to take GDC-0084 into a pivotal study next year, and we will be examining every option to determine the best way to deliver a high-quality program within our means. Kazia has demonstrated an incredibly innovative approach to partnering for clinical development, and we hope that
these capabilities will allow us to bring something novel, efficient, and worldclass to the next chapter of GDC-0084’s development. I look forward to sharing more with you in due course.”


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Kazia Therapeutics Limited (ASX: KZA, NASDAQ: KZIA) is an innovative oncology-focused biotechnology company, based in Sydney, Australia. Our pipeline includes two clinical-stage drug development candidates, and we are working to develop therapies across a range of oncology indications.

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