Kazia presents Cantrixil poster at ESMO


Sydney, 30 September 2019 – Kazia Therapeutics Limited (ASX: KZA; NASDAQ: KZIA), an Australian oncology-focused biotechnology company, is pleased to provide investors with additional data from its ongoing phase I study of Cantrixil in ovarian cancer. The data will be the subject of a poster presentation at the annual Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), held in Barcelona, Spain from 27 September – 1 October 2019.

The first part of the study (Part A) has demonstrated two out of nine patients (22%) with a best observed response of ‘partial response’ (PR). The median progression free survival
(PFS) across all nine patients is 5.5 months, which compares favourably to historical controls of 3.4 months in a similar population.

Australian lead investigator for the study, Associate Professor Jim Coward, commented, “we have made excellent progress with the Cantrixil study. We are seeing several patients now with potential evidence of clinical response. Interestingly, some early signs are emerging that the drug may help to reverse chemotherapy resistance, supporting the preclinical data that was originally collected at Yale. The expansion cohort is fully recruited, and my colleagues and I look forward to seeing further data in due course.”

Key Points:

  • ESMO poster includes additional data from all nine evaluable patients in the dose escalation part of the study (Part A). Some post-treatment follow-up data remains to be analysed.
  • Of nine patients, two (22%) were considered to have achieved a ‘partial response’
    (PR) to Cantrixil therapy. Three further patients (33%) were evaluated as ‘stable disease’ (SD). The remaining four patients (44%) exhibited ‘progressive disease’ (PD).
  • The median progression free survival (PFS) for all patients in Part A was calculated to be 5.5 months. Historical controls in a similarly advanced population report a median PFS of 3.4 months, suggesting that Cantrixil may help to delay tumour recurrence.
  • Cantrixil has been generally well-tolerated, with a maximum tolerated dose of 5 mg/kg determined, as previously announced.

Kazia CEO, Dr James Garner, added, “it is terrific to see further very promising data emerging from the Cantrixil phase I study. Put simply, the drug is active. The expansion cohort, which is currently in progress, will help us to further quantify and substantiate that activity. In parallel, we continue to discuss the program with clinicians, potential partners, and investors, as we consider how best to take Cantrixil forward after completion of the phase I study.”

The poster can be viewed on our website here.


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