Kela launches Series A raise of $3m for global expansion following record 2018 growth

Kela, the creator of unique fashion, jewellery, gift and hair accessory products that are transforming the fashion and hair industry, is pleased to announce the company’s Series A share offer to raise AU $3 million capital investment.

With proof of concept in the UK, Italy and Australia, a proven business strategy, significant industry and influencer endorsements, global distributor networks and a strong team in place, the launch pad is set to dominate the hair jewellery industry.

KELA is now seeking a capital increase of AUD $3m for expansion; as well as trade ties for growth in European markets.

Reasons to invest:

  • KELA has the proof of concept needed to take its brand to the world stage with a business strategy that is tried and tested, and strong sales results.
  • KELA has a clear competitive advantage with its revolutionary patented one-action, non-slip-grip mechanism allowing users to achieve hairstyles and designs that are impossible with any other product.
  • The unique technology behind KELA is internationally patented and KELA has plans in place to further protect its significant intellectual property value.
  • Major celebrities, trendsetters and influencers have endorsed KELA products.
  • New product development is at the core of KELA’s business strategy, so it will always stay relevant in the ever-changing
    world of fashion.
  • The breadth of KELA’s products, from the children’s Clipacharm range to the adult range KELA, ensures it is
    meeting demand at all life stages and has the potential for significant lifetime customer value.
  • KELA has three established sales channels which all provide impressive profit margins and is rolling out its fourth sales channel in Australia in late 2019.
  • KELA has a talented team with strong experience in developing global brands and extensive knowledge of the fashion and jewellery industries.
  • Good margins from all sales channels and further revenue from licencing KELA-tech make for a favourable return on
  • Through innovation and intellectual property, KELA has both created and protected a new jewellery category that they are
    well-positioned to dominate.

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