Kingdom Developments 18-42 months to project completion of Wollongong Central Development | 30%-140% Target Returns


  • Share price of $65k per share (100 shares in total)
  • 80 apartments + 8 ground floor commercial units (adaptable in line with buyer’s needs)

Key points

  • 2,807sqm B4-zoned site on the doorstep of Wollongong train station.
  • One minute walk onto the Sydney express train platform (Wollongong Central Station).
  • Located in the City Centre zone, between the train station and both Hospitals.
  • Right across the road from Wollongong West TAFE.
  • Located where the bus to Wollongong University leaves from.
  • Enormous exposure, with 65m street frontage and the same frontage onto the train line.

Exit Strategy #1

DA for 80 x Dwellings + 8 x Commercial & Sell

  • Time frame is approximately 12-18 months
  • Target returns of approximately $20k (approx 30%) per share

Exit Strategy #2

DA for 80 x Dwellings + 8 x Commercial & Build

  • Time frame to build completion is approximately 36-42 months
  • Target returns of approximately $91k (140%) per share

Exit Strategy #3

On-sell the Call Option Deed

We also have the ability to on-sell the Call Option Deed to another developer at any time within the 24 months and avoiding paying Stamp Duty.

About Kingdom Developments

Kingdom Developments Australia (KDA) came from our passion for investment vehicles that offer our investors (including us) an exceptional risk vs reward ratio. Our SPV structures allow for investors to join together to co-own and access larger scale property developments than they could individually and in doing so allow for greater efficiencies in economies of scale and stronger returns.

Our vehicle is especially appreciated by investors that have limited time, yet want the lucrative returns of medium to large property developments.

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