Wollongong Property Development Investment receives a lot of investor interest | 140% target returns

With their first foray into the Wollongong property market launching only weeks ago, Kingdom Developments are thrilled with the positive feedback and investor interest on the Wollongong Property Development Investment.


A shareholder’s syndicate, Kingdom Developments was founded to provide investors interested in the property market innovative ways to access and be involved in large-scale property developments. Projects are divided into purchasable shares allowing investors to join together to co-own and develop large-scale property developments in areas that have been ear-marked for growth. The result is higher returns and lower risk through efficiencies in scale. By pooling their resources, Kingdom Developments are able to ‘cherry pick’ the best and most profitable development projects to offer their investors.
The new Wollongong development, a mixed-use highrise building of 96 apartments and ground floor commercial space has been a winner on the project offering table. According to Nick Bassett, Kingdom’s Wollongong-based Development Manager, this project has had an outstanding level of interest due to both the location and the ROI: “It’s not common that an investor will be offered a 140% return on their investment, and the location is driving a highly profitable project in a fast-growing area”.
Out of the 100 shares available, there are currently less than 30 remaining.

About Kingdom Developments


Kingdom Developments Australia (KDA) came from our passion for investment vehicles that offer our investors (including us) an exceptional risk vs reward ratio. Our SPV structures allow for investors to join together to co-own and access larger scale property developments than they could individually and in doing so allow for greater efficiencies in economies of scale and stronger returns.Our vehicle is especially appreciated by investors that have limited time, yet want the lucrative returns of medium to large property developments.