KPI-AI’s Revenue Growing Rapidly

KPI-AI has hit a major milestone this month – we are no longer pre-revenue. Last month, we secured Australian Financial Services licensing and began issuing invoices and earning fees on our managed accounts. 

Revenue is already growing rapidly. That revenue is currently sourced from managed accounts held by KPI-AI shareholders, who are seeing an immediate return on their investment. We will expand our strategy and materially increase that revenue growth early next year when we start reaching out to external investors to grow funds under management. We have established distribution channels in place and are building a live trading track record to form the backbone of our marketing strategy.

Investment to date has focused on building an effective technological infrastructure which autonomously identifies and executes trades in the financial markets 24 hours a day – while we sleep, while we surf, while we type these investor updates. Our focus now, in addition to the exciting revenue growth opportunities mentioned above, is the expansion of our trading capabilities into new markets and utilising our proprietary AI technology to continuously improve our trading strategies. 

2022 will be a very exciting year for KPI-AI and its investors.

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About The Company

KPI-AI is an innovative creator of bespoke AI-driven technologies that reveal unique opportunities to profit on global financial markets. Our revenue potential is driven by the volume of opportunities we identify and the speed and precision of our autonomous execution.

Our investment strategies were built over four decades and used to advise global institutions including HSBC and Deutsche Bank. We are not high frequency traders – we’re applying a proven investment philosophy that is effective across all liquid markets and all investment horizons.

We’re now creating a diverse range of products – futures, FX, equities, crypto – to meet investor needs.

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