Last chance: invest in the world’s first global seed-stage HealthTech micro-VC fund for Asia and the new normal

“We are the world’s first seed-only healthtech VC fund that is investing globally in solutions relevant to expanding access, quality, and efficiency in emerging Asia. These same solutions are critical to forming the new normal we all face.

They take time and many entrepreneurs struggle to raise that crucial first investment – this is where we come in.

Founded by ex-angel investors and industry insiders, we have invested in nine startups to date, spanning early Alzheimer’s detection, lung disease, hearing loss, continuous care, rural health delivery, and mental health. Five follow-on rounds, four revenue-positive, and seven directly relevant to COVID-19.”

Dr Joseph Mocanu, Managing Partner

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Investment Specialty

Verge HealthTech Fund solely focuses on healthcare technology startups that are at the seed stage, typically investing with or just after angels, and whose solutions can function in both resource-rich and resource-poor environments. They must be affordable, smart, robust and solve serious and widespread problems.

Unique Investing Methodology

Their team has the rare combination of deep understanding of market needs, underlying technology, and how to build startups. They have worked across 20 countries, and have operational relationships with pharmaceutical, medical device, insurance, OEM, and health system partners. They select their portfolio companies not only on their own merit but also based on their own ability to add value.

Track Record

In the past 12 months, over half of their portfolio has had investors follow-on with new capital, and all are in good health. Their prior nine angel investments along a similar thesis has an unrealised MOIC of 2.7X and over 3.4 million lives positively touched.

Team Experience

Dr. Joseph Mocanu led 75 healthcare projects across 20 countries while at Oliver Wyman, and has 19 scientific papers, 3 patents. He made 13 angel investments before this fund.

Ed Deng, Partner, led over $7.6B of transactions at Lehman Bros. and was Head of M&A at Mediatek, before founding Health2Sync, Taiwan’s most successful digital health startup, with 460,000+ diabetics served.

The Offer

Verge HealthTech Fund is offering you the chance to become a shareholder in this fund, which already has accumulated nine strong and promising companies, before the final close date of September 26, 2020.

Minimum investment size is US$250,000.

Notable Achievements

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