LatAm Autos Sells Over 500 Units in a Single Month


  • October 2017 was marked as a milestone month by LatAm courtesy of having experienced spectacular sales and having crossed the 500-mark of unit sales for the first time.
  • There was also an upsurge in the density of organic traffic received by the company’s website in the month of October 2017 in Mexico and the company hopes to emulate this example in Ecuador and Peru too.
  • The main focus of the company is to increase sales of upsell products so as to generate revenue on one hand and improve its EBIDTA on the other hand.

Ranked among the leading auto classifieds, LatAm Autos (ASX: LAA) declared that it had achieved two major milestones in the month of October 2017. Not only had it managed to sell more than 500 units within the time-frame of a single month but also experienced an unprecedented increase in website traffic all through the month with Mexico being in the forefront.

LatAm operates in four countries namely Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Mexico wherein it operates in the auto classifieds sector as a platform where buyers and sellers can interact. It also assists buyers to go through the purchase by providing requisite guidelines on finance, insurance and various accessories. At present, the company is focused on shifting its advertising resources from traditional channels to online options, the intention being to capitalize on this latest trend.

One of the high points of the company occurred when it crossed the 500-mark for the first time in terms of monthly sales, courtesy of an upside in the volume of product sold. LatAm has reiterated that Mexico and Ecuador remain its core markets and the company remains committed to growing its volume in the upsell product segment. Given the high margin that these products generate, the company hopes to earn substantial revenue and experience an improvement in EBIDTA through their increased sales.

Mexico still remains LatAm’s stronghold and this translated into the company experiencing remarkable growth in online traffic to its website in the month of October 2017. In its next step, the company aims to capitalize on this trend to generate revenue not just in Mexico but also in Peru and Ecuador.


About LatAm Autos Ltd (ASX: LAA)

LatAm Autos (‘LAA’) owns the leading automotive classifieds websites in Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama; and automotive magazines in Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Panama as well as a regional content website.

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