Launch of the ResiFund sees it on track to deliver 10%+ return in year one and significantly outperform the market

Key Takeaways:

Launch of the first Residential property fund of its kind, offering a superior way to invest in residential property and access to properties not available to most wholesale investors

This year saw the launch of the ResiFund, providing a unique and highly professional way to invest in residential property. Our recent acquisitions in Melbourne and Brisbane are on target for 20-30% equity uplifts + income returns of 6-7.5%.

Channel 7 coverage of the launch of the Australian Residential Property Fund (ResiFund)


About OpenCorp

Open Corp are arguably Australia’s most qualified and successful residential investment group, having acquired over 1,000 properties in the last 10 years (with an average return of 10.8% p.a- unleveraged), are currently managing over 900 properties and have been the manager for 25 property funds and joint ventures.

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