Leading Australian crypto exchange Coinstash launches a waitlist for flagship product, Coinstash Earn. Receive up to 8% on USD and 6% AUD stablecoin deposits through Coinstash.

Coinstash is an up-and-coming crypto platform set to disrupt the Australian financial services industry by delivering highly competitive yields on cryptocurrency, including USD and AUD stablecoins. Coinstash is launching its flagship product, Coinstash Earn, in the first half of 2022.

Coinstash Earn is a user-friendly alternative in the current low-yield environment. It offers attractive rates of return by leveraging the benefits of cryptocurrency and decentralised finance (DeFi). You can learn more about Coinstash Earn here.

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CEO and co-founder, of Coinstash Ting Wang, provides some insight into Coinstash’s mission:

“We want to provide our users with a one-stop solution when it comes to crypto. Not only do they trade with us at very competitive rates, but they can also put their crypto to use, by earning on, borrowing against and spending their holdings any time they wish.

We help our users to truly unlock their financial potential, by allowing them to earn up to 8% on their crypto holdings, all in a local, Australian environment.”

Coinstash’s $10 million Series A funding round will help fuel its Asia-Pacific growth strategy, user acquisition, regulatory licensing and expanding the Coinstash team. You can read more about Coinstash and its Series A round here.

Coinstash’s vision is to financially empower its clients by bridging the gap between traditional finance and the world of crypto. Delivering a trusted solution where users can enjoy the efficiency, low cost, and high growth opportunities of crypto in a secure, transparent, and compliant manner. Behind Coinstash is a team of passionate crypto experts who bring decades of experience from cryptocurrency traders, major banks, payment providers, blockchain and app development and “Big Four” consultancies.

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