Leading e-Learning Platform with PWC and Cisco as Anchor Clients | Founders from Executive Positions at Cisco, Adobe, HP, and Vodafone

“TEX is a b2b platform that scales person-to-person learning across organisational boundaries. We do this with a consistent language of skills; an algorithm to match experts and learners; and a flexible commercial structure ensuring TEX can be the standard platform in organisations for any person-to-person exchange. Individuals get a platform for lifelong learning; organisations get a sustainable approach to capacity building.

TEX is piloting with blue chip clients such as Cisco and PwC and is seeking investment to scale global growth in preparation for a Series A raise. Offer is USD$1.0m convertible note, 20% discount, USD$15.0 Valuation Cap“.

Darren Scott, Founder and CEO, TEX.inc

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Executive Summary

TEX.inc is a b2b marketplace platform that scales “experience-based learning” through personalised, live, 1:1 Advisory / Coaching / Mentoring, this is achieved via an e-learning/video medium which allows for the crossing of organisational and geographical boundaries. This empowers organisations and individuals to tailor the exchange of expertise at a rate they both agree to.

TEX.inc has engaged with:

  • Corporations to harness their existing talent with internal connections
  • Non-profits by engaging with hundreds of business and extending their reach
  • Tech companies by accelerating customer adoption and success
  • Universities by ensuring everyone is connected pre, during and post-graduation

Investment Highlights

Blue Chip Clientele

  • TEX has secured PwC and Cisco as anchor clients, validating the product offering in the corporate learning space

TEX competes in fragmented markets

  • As a marketplace, TEX will have competition to individual elements of its solution, but to date no single competitive provider is apparent

Booming Market with Little Competition

  • Predicted market of $325B by 2024 with no established holistic offerings in the market

Extensive and Relevant Experience

  • 55+ years combined experience in technological advisory, global service development, brand growth, and entrepreneurship between the founders. Founding team held executive positions at major international corporations such as Cisco, Adobe, HP, and Vodafone.

Investment Offering

TEX is raising USD$1.0m via a convertible note,

  • 2 Year Term
  • 20% Discount
  • USD$15.0m Valuation CAP

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