Learning Pod Group has submitted a near-million dollar tender to the Western Australia Department of Education

Learning Pod Group has been working on and recently submitted a near-million dollar tender to the Western Australia Department of Education.

They were able to submit the tender with evidence as they recently completed a project for the local shire, rewriting teacher instructions for a program to be delivered to local classrooms. The emphasis on this project was ensuring the teachers have the correct understanding and resources and the students have engaging worksheets and assignments, which all align to the Australian Curriculum.

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Learning Pod Group saw the opportunity to apply for this tender, when the education department put a request forward to complete the teaching and classroom content for Year 3 – 6 students to learn local indigenous language.

Submitting the tender is a strategic company decision to provide additional tasks for their qualified teachers during the day, to complement their afternoon tutoring sessions.

Should they be successful, the work this would entail gives Learning Pod Group the foundations for their future endeavours to create their own curriculum resources, based on the learning goals determined from their assessments.

These resources could then be sold as subscriptions, reduce wages in preparation time, and assist with live tracking and measuring of students’ progress, aligned to the Australian Curriculum and specific to the assessment.

This would be an amazing opportunity for the Learning Pod Group.

About Learning Pod Group

Learning Pod Group is a Leader in Education that has acknowledged a problem and is here to provide a solution to all parties!

We deliver customised education for all children to meet their needs, by empowering kids with knowledge, supporting our communities with skills for the future.

Here to disrupt the current education delivery systems and platforms in the world. Empowering parents and their children with skills for life.

Learning Pod Group is acknowledging the problem, and here to provide a solution!

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